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Development teams


Mobile software engineers specialize in creating applications for mobile devices. This typically involves working with a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Objective-C, Java, and Swift for native app development, as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for cross-platform or hybrid app development. Mobile developers are responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of mobile apps, and they may work on both the front-end user interface and the back-end infrastructure of an app. They may also be involved in the deployment and maintenance of mobile apps, and may work closely with other team members, such as designers and product managers, to ensure the successful completion of a project.


Senior Mobile Developer

Sr mobile devs typically have 5+ years of mobile app development experience, often times in addition to familiarity to other programming languages. Sr devs are able to solve complex programing problems and support mobile applications in the complete dev stack.

Mid Level Mobile Developer

Mid-level mobile devs are able to work independently and have already experienced the full deployments of mobile apps. They can also work in teams and are able to take on new features end-to-end.

Junior Mobile Developer

Jr mobile devs are typically new in experience but have developed on a few projects. They are great teammates to work with one or more other mobile developers. 

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